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Some good things are more than a week old.

Some of the best music you will ever hear about a breakfast cereal -From WFMU

Here: Make a wallet out of paper.   Then point me at a link to something like this that will just hold cards.  I use a money clip for foldin’ money, because I think It is cool, though the fact that I still use foldin’ money proves I am not.

This is a site about Japanese whiskey.  And that is as cool as it gets.

If you are one of those losers with a penchant for obscure independent comics, have I got a site for you

If you are more interested in independent comics that other people might have read, I have another site for you.  I am sending you there via  a character page about Ham, the Weather Wizard, in part because “Ham” and in part because it contains one of the best sentences in a character bio ever:

“He was not prepared to give her to Weterlackus to clear his own debt to the demon lord, and when he accidentally turned her into a toad he was inconsolable.”

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