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In a sure sign that fall is just around the corner, here’s the beloved Mr. Bean of finance in another hilarious display of expensive incompetence. This latest screwup affects companies, not people, which makes it much more likely to have meaningful repercussions.  They’ll definitely have to take pretending to know how to computer even MORE Seriously.  This time.

A very large site full of public domain images and clipart, mostly from old storybooks, with many arranged by artist.  This is just great.

How a Taiwanese electric two-wheeler startup made its electric battery swapping stations as common as gas stations in Taiwan Rest of World is an excellent site, BTW.

If you do not already look at NASA’s Astronomy picture of the day, you should start doing so!  It’s easy to forget the universe, but it’s almost always around, and it’s not just for billionaires.

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