bookmark_borderInformation and links – Mar 25, 2020 – The GIMPening!

Stuff I have learned–or at least looked up–recently.

How to fade an image to transparency using GIMP

Short version:
Create a layer mask for the layer you want to fade. Apply a black-to-white gradient to that layer. The area marked as black will show as transparent.

This worked in GIMP 2.10 on my Mac. I found that the stupid black-to-white gradient did not allow me to adjust the fade–it’s just locked at halfway. I made that work.
Here is the first useful link I found about this.

WTF is up with that stupid grey “Tool Options” box that appears on the top left of my screen when using GIMP?

Short version:
This bug has been around for a while. It happens when you click (and maybe drag) inside the “Tool Options” tab in the Tools window. A grey box that says “Tool Options” appears on the top left of your screen, covering up the “File” and other menu items.

You can make it go away by clicking (and maybe dragging) in the Tool Options box. Try dragging the “Tool Options” text to the right just a little bit. This worked in GIMP 2.10 to 2.10.8 on my Macs running both El Capitan (10.11.6) and Catalina (10.15.3)

Here is the first useful link I found about this

I just opened a really big image in GIMP on my Mac and now I can’t right-click on anything with my mouse!

Short version:
Gosh, this sure is annoying. This happened in GIMP 2.10 in El Capitan on an old Mac Pro with 16 gigs o’ RAM.

You might be able to get regular mouse functionality back by opening the “Mouse” settings in System Preferences. All I had to do was open Mouse–that must make the OS check in with the mouse and give it a Stern Look.

bookmark_borderFix door handle 1998-2002 Toyota Corolla

The driver’s side door handle on our sexy, sexy base model 2001 Corolla broke. More accurately, the plastic surround that the handle sits in and pushes against when you open the door broke. The surround and handle are all one part, and replacing that part is very very easy on these cars.

Superfluous image
Your handle will break at one of the three points indicated in this diagram, but it is irrelevant, as the entire assembly is one piece. This image is therefore superfluous.

All the things you need to do this repair are already on the Weebs, so I’m just going to tell you what I did, and include a couple of tips that might make life easier.


A door handle, notebooks, a compressor--together they fight crime!
Serving Suggestion

1) MOST IMPORTANT THING: If you ask your mechanic (or Car Nerd Friend) about this job, and that mechanic is not familiar with this particular car, you might get the impression that this job is scary and expensive. It is not.


In a lot of cases,  replacing door handles requires removing the entire door panel, special tools, infinite care and patience, and the detached third finger of a blood relative. The average person would NOT want to do it.

For some reason however, Toyota made this job easy on 1998-2002 Corollas. If you can operate a screwdriver and open a plastic drink bottle, you can do this repair.

2) The parts are cheap. I bought replacements by Dorman. Driver’s side handle in grey is part number 79502, and passenger side is 79503. The front and back handles are the same on each side. I bought one for each side, because the shipping was almost as much as one handle, and spent less than $20. Make sure you match your color!

4) Howto videos are actually useful here. Do a search on your popular video site for the title of this post and you will see a few howto videos for this repair. They are all pretty much the same. I like the one with the kid in it the best. It will take about as long to watch two as it will take to do this repair IF you watch two howto videos.

An exciting picture of a car door partially open.
You can sit sideways and use both hands, and the door won’t move while you work.

5) Location location location. This repair is easiest to do with the door open, so you have some room to fiddle. I did it in the garage, parked so that the door was half-open (a pessimist might say “half-closed”) and against the wall (with a piece of foam between) and that worked well.

6) Use two screwdrivers when you are removing the clip inside the door handle. Hook the door activator (thick wire thing you clip the handle to) around one of the screwdrivers, so that it doesn’t drop into the door when you take off the old handle. It’s not too hard to fish the activator out if you drop it, but easier not to drop it in the first place.