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The llama never gets a break

The llama’s ass will continue to get whipped! You know, I used to despise AOL, but now I don’t. Now I see them as the corporate auto-Robin-Hood that they truly have been. Thanks to their unique combination of cash reserves, hubris and goofiness, AOL have managed to absorb the difference between the grotesque over-valuation of…

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Free to read

“What is ‘RSS?’”  Pooh asked, as if he’d forgotten how to use a search engine, which once again, he had. “It’s short for ‘Rich Site Summary’” said Christopher Robin, though he liked to tell people it meant “Really Simple Syndication.” But he just couldn’t be mean to his friend like that. “All the new information…

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A life more interesting – One

Bored?  No-one talking to you?  Try this: – Put a bag of sand in the trunk of your car – Run around a bit, until you look kinda sweaty. – Drive up to a gas station or convenience store. – Park right in front, head in, so that folks in the store can’t see the…

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The netdud Smashing Disaster!

Bumped into the nice folks from Mississippi River Distilling, who make, among other things, River Baron Artisan Spirit.  I bought a bottle, because I am an early adopter of beverage innovations.  You can read all about the liquour on their page.  It’s quite interesting on its own, but opens a lot of interesting doors for…

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A TV workout that works!

I just read this article on the always entertaining and informative Consumerist site, in which three exercise toys advertised on TV are shown to suck. I now introduce to you, the discerning physical mess, The netdud TV Workout Method. This workout method combines the best effects of ALL THREE of the workout products reviewed at…

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Canadiangenuity 2

What if you need to run a cable from here:   Through this channel in the basement ceiling:   So that it comes out this hole ~20 feet away: Well, here at the netdud compound, this is a job for Remote Controlled Racer X!  

Long Live the Penmachine. Derek Miller was the epitome of a good guy, and the world is poorer for his passing. We were not close friends, but I knew him for many years–briefly in person–mostly through unfailingly helpful, well-though-out and supportive replies to my rambling pleas for information. This is the only time I can think of when…

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