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Back to the blog

I got heavily into a writing project and stuff and just abandoned this site for a while. I’m going to try unabandoning it for the next while.

The focus for the next while will be on that writing project, some guitar and gear modding/maintenance/repair projects. There will probably inevitably also be some of the usual tech/web crap tossed in. And of course, the short and pithy insights that you have been ignoring for decades.

I will attempt to be useful, amusing, or weather permitting, both.

I wish he had not made the airport

I rip on the Eagles a lot, but generally, that’s just to have fun with my loud friend STEVE. I really don’t give a shit about the Eagles either way.

I never really got why people would take take the time to announce their hatred of the Eagles. I kinda figure it’s some kind of Lebowski LARPing. That makes it doubly not worth thinking about too much, which is both semantically and mathematically difficult.

I believe that there is a lot of common ground between people who genuinely love the Eagles and the (probably really very small number of) people who genuinely, really, actually hate them.

For instance, today at the grocery store, “All She Wants to Do is Dance” came on the PA. Now, if you seriously hated the Eagles, you would just hate that Henley solo tune on principle.

But if you love the Eagles, all that they could do well, and all that they managed to be, you really should also hate that guy for well, everything about that song.

Again, I don’t really care about the Eagles either way, but someone farted in the waxed paper aisle while that song was playing, and I really thought they made a good point.