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String dampeners to stop stray ring from the strings behind the bridge on instruments with trapeze tailpieces. I was specifically looking for ideas to use on my bouzouki, but this thread has good ideas for those poor unfortunates who are stuck using Bigsbys as well.

Let’s just say this and get it over with: I have been using ear plugs behind my nuts, and I would like to find something more elegant.

You’re 12.

Idea of the day:

Start a fleet of ice cream trucks, but instead of playing music to attract people, play the backup beep sound that trucks make.


  • Firefox 90 on Mac: Anyone know how to make the scroll bars work LIKE SCROLL BARS and not like some edgy designer’s idea of how they could look if you didn’t use them?
  • Chrome on Mac: Dude, you really have to learn to let go of the cache. Not only is it super annoying, it’s such a clumsy and obvious metaphor for who made you.
  • Safari on Mac: This is very much not the worst web browser you could use, but it is a terrible browser TO use.