Welcome to netdud

Chances are very high that you didn't get here from a search engine. You probably came here because you saw something I said or did and got curious. Good for you!

In a nutshell:
 - I play music
 - I fix and make things (Web things, computer and network things, music things, word things)
 - I like fountain pens, Formula 1, and lots of other stuff
 - I talk a lot
 - I am fond of ham

June 2017 - You've arrived here at a special time!  It's Change The CMS time again here at netdud.com.  I'm shuffling Concrete5 somewhere to the back of the site, and moving Wordpress closer to the front.  So things will probably be a mess. 

It's always BEEN a mess, but you're probably new here.  I shouldn't have let on, I guess.