Welcome to netdud

This is the very dense core of netdud on the Internet, though only a very small amount of the Internet's total netdud is stored here.


There's information--both useful and otherwise--on this site.  It should be noted however, that this site is often used to test things and stuff that will be used on sites I work on for other people.  So while the content itself is always TIP TOP quality, sometimes the delivery is a bit messed up.


Most of this gets fixed over time.  Then I add something new and broken, and the cycle continues.  Keeps you on your toes.


The main navigation is at the top.  Feel free to have a stomp around.  Or you can go to other things in which I am involved:

  • Here's 24 Hour Cardlock, a trucker band
  • Here's Big Juicy Meat!
  • Here's my old blog
  • Here's Final Weekend, a big-boned independent film a friend is putting together