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Simple as possible with WordPress right now. Twenty-Something theme. Blocks. Minimal plugins.

No ads. No social media links. No affiliate links. No tracking that I am aware of. No external analytics. No images I don’t have rights to. Let me know if you find any of the above and I will remove it.

One SEO content analysis plugin in place for my own information and amusement, which does not phone home, and is not connected to anything outside of this site.

This page scores 62/100 on whatever that SEO plugin thinks search engines care about, so you probably came here on purpose.


Update July 6, 2023: Now explicitly blocking googlebot. Let’s see if that works. If so, thanks again for coming here on purpose.

Update Aug 10, 2023: Now explicitly disallowing OpenAI’s GPTbot. Let’s see if that works, and if the other plagiarists offer the same thing for their LLMs. If not, let me know if you’ve heard this one before…

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