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I am conversational

Me:  The letter is supposed to end up here in Omaha. USPS Customer Service rep:  You all are in Omaha?  It says it might be heading for Bellevue. Me: That’s sort of a suburb of Omaha.  Is there a sorting facility there or something? USPS CSR:  Wait–where is Omaha? It says here “NE.” Me: That…

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Fructus pie fugit

Just in case the weaker among you think I don’t understand your pain: I was at a grocery store yesterday. The Hostess stuff was pretty much all gone, and right next to the nearly-bare shelves a dude from Little Debbie’s was PACKING their shelves with product. I mean that he was there for at least…

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netdudian slip

  I was just about to type F.O. into something I was writing* and my mind wandered and I typed “cuckoo” instead. I now hereby announce and lay claim to the term “netdudian slip,” which is the opposite of a Freudian slip.       *It was in context, hilarious, and in sign language.  Absolutely…

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