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Last week was a tough one. Be sure to update your overpriced Mac and your terrible iDevices. No need to give you links, just start them up and click where the red dots appear.

Also, if you are still being used by Chrome, you should go to “About Google Chrome” and check for updates.

This will fix some pretty terrible problems.

Well, except Windows 10, which you absolutely should update, and then have problems. (tl;dr: Win10 update KB5015878 might cause the audio to stop working on your computer, unless it doesn’t, but if it does, you should do a Known Issue Rollback, which will only work if it hasn’t already, and if it has, it won’t).

The Story of the Nation State in Five Biscuits, by Sharanya Deepak is a quick and interesting history of some popular Indian biscuits, how they came to be, and how they came to be important. I am a huge fan of this subject, and a fan of biscuits in all forms. AND I have a wheat sensitivity! Milk Bikis, Nice Time and Bourbons have all broadened both my tastes, my perspective and most of my body.

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