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The netdud Smashing Disaster!

Bumped into the nice folks from Mississippi River Distilling, who make, among other things, River Baron Artisan Spirit.  I bought a bottle, because I am an early adopter of beverage innovations.  You can read all about the liquour on their page.  It’s quite interesting on its own, but opens a lot of interesting doors for…

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A TV workout that works!

I just read this article on the always entertaining and informative Consumerist site, in which three exercise toys advertised on TV are shown to suck. I now introduce to you, the discerning physical mess, The netdud TV Workout Method. This workout method combines the best effects of ALL THREE of the workout products reviewed at…

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The Internets

As Thoreau insisted, the Internets is indeed an information super-highway.   And if you are in a wreck by the side of that highway, your vehicle shattered, your body broken, your hope in ruins, and you stand waving your arms and asking for aid, you can count on a constant stream of people to come…

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Happy Father’s Day

What every woman should do today: – Call up an ex-boyfriend on the phone. – When they answer, say in as flat a tone as you can “It’s [your name] Happy Father’s Day.” – Count the seconds of silence, and post your best score in the comments.  

The conversation ends here.

“You’ll never guess what I found in my ear!” “Well, it’s really more a of MUSIC COLLECTIVE than a band…” “I’ve always been a songwriter.  I mean, I write lyrics.  I just need someone to write the music for them.” “This tastes JUST LIKE [meat], but it’s made from [not meat]!” “How do you know…

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