bookmark_borderThe netdud Smashing Disaster!

Bumped into the nice folks from Mississippi River Distilling, who make, among other things, River Baron Artisan Spirit.  I bought a bottle, because I am an early adopter of beverage innovations.  You can read all about the liquour on their page.  It’s quite interesting on its own, but opens a lot of interesting doors for new cocktailery.  I present now my first successful mixological effort with this new spirit.

Skol, y'all!
Fourth one takes a while going down

The netdud Smashing Disaster
1 part River Baron Artisanal Spirit
3 parts gin
a few drops of good peaty Scotch
Lemon zest

The first two ingredients should be cold.  You can shake them up quickly with some ice, or if you have some liquid nitrogen, kinda wave that around a bit.  Bruise the zest lightly, throw it in a footed glass, pour in the cold stuff, and then artfully drop in the Scotch.  Swirl, serve, repeat.