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General advice regarding physical volume

Tip for mail and delivery people: If you can’t fit your head in my mailbox, you can’t fit something the size of your head in my mailbox. You should not try harder to do the latter than you would the former.

This advice can be scaled and applied to all body parts and most professions.

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Troubleshooting advice

If you hit a dead end while troubleshooting something, try this:

  • Stop focusing on what is broken and why
  • Explain to yourself (or preferably, someone else who is patient), step by step, how the thing is supposed to work, and where it fits in with other things

This will very often change your perspective, adjust your scope, or knock out a wrong assumption that you have been following.

I don’t have the original source for this, but if you do, let me know and I will attribute.

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I forget something new every day

I never noticed before how similar the words “buffet and “bugger” are when typing.
That’s pretty handy. Keyboards must have been designed that way on purpose.
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I have lived on this block for three years. Once per summer, an ice cream truck drives up the block at about 20 MPH, music playing, without stopping. Then it drives back the other way about five minutes later. I don’t see the ice cream truck for the rest of the summer, but I occasionally hear ice cream truck music coming from at least a block away.

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The snake eats the snake

I was just trying to explain something about computer updates to someone and discovered that a GIF search in Apple Messages for “Sisyphus” doesn’t auto-complete, so you think there are no results, but if you actually do the search there are lots of results and I thought “They should fix that” and to make a long story short, that is how I invented the word “Metametaphor.

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Upside for Millennials

They’ll probably never have to spend three days with the theme from “BJ and the Bear” stuck in their head.

If I can teach you nothing else (and I probably can’t), PLEASE DON’T TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS POST MEANS.

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