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Origin story – The Penguin

(Repost from 2014) A friend on the social medias asked about the origin of the Penguin character. Here’s one. The Penguin was originally Oswald Olsin, a child prodigy who had made billions in business, despite being born with the inability to smell toast, due to his parents’ both working on the Manhattan …
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Using the Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 with Linux Mint

If you found this page by searching, then you, like me, are trying to figure out a problem with your Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, a Firewire audio device which you are trying to use with Linux. I will cut to the chase. After quite a few hours of reading (mostly …
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Too Big Not To Fail

A while ago, we received a pretty nice Delta kitchen faucet via UPS. It was addressed to us, and had a UPS tracking number. We had not ordered it. This was not brushing—it’s Costco, not GriftAsInfrastructure, and nobody’s going to brush with $190 items. But we hadn’t ordered …
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Todaily 1

Topics String dampeners to stop stray ring from the strings behind the bridge on instruments with trapeze tailpieces. I was specifically looking for ideas to use on my bouzouki, but this thread has good ideas for those poor unfortunates who are stuck using Bigsbys as well. Let’s just say this and …
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“More of the Monkees”

About a year ago, someone tagged me on [social media] on one of those posts where you list 10 albums that influenced your life. Here is the first album on my list. The speed and over-thinking of my response are absolutely on-brand for me. I play music because I love …
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