A life more interesting – One

Parking lot
Or start leaving flowers in the same stall in a parking lot…

Bored?  No-one talking to you?  Try this:

– Put a bag of sand in the trunk of your car
– Run around a bit, until you look kinda sweaty.
– Drive up to a gas station or convenience store.
– Park right in front, head in, so that folks in the store can’t see the trunk
– Rush in, buy a bottle of water and a sandwich or something, look like you are in a hurry, and just grabbing the first things you see to eat and drink.
– Keep your face down. Pay in cash.
– Go to your car, open the trunk, throw the stuff you bought in and yell “THERE! NOW SHUT THE HELL UP!”
– Punch/kick the bag of sand a couple of times.
– Drive off really fast.

6 Replies to “A life more interesting – One”

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  3. Thanks Joel! That’s great information, and I really appreciate the time you took away from managing your sister’s affairs to send that in. I’m sure she had no problems finding a couple of customers while you were away.

  4. Great to know, Mr. gallery (or as I am sure your friends call you, “bodybuilding”). I hope you don’t mind that I substituted my web site for the ones you had in your comment. I understand that, if I do that, it might help me get up higher in the search engines.

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  6. Hey kobalt –

    Great info! “It is necessary to first drill a tiny hole into the top of the plastic heater box…” –So THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong all these years LOLZ RMFAO!

    BTW–Please tell your mom a lot of people are complaining that her beard stubble is leaving chafe marks.


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