HOW TO BE AWESOME, part 34 or so

Is Pokey the 99% or just some kind of jackass?

Where I live, Target currently has dancing sock monkey puppets in their clearance area. When you squeeze their left paw, these monkeys play some kind of horrible pop song and twitch spasmodically. They are quite loud, and run for about 30 seconds to a minute.

  • Go to Target
  • Locate these monkeys and take one
  • Work your way up to someone standing amongst the clothing racks
  • Ask the person politely if they will hold the monkey for a moment
  • Hand the person the monkey, squeeze the monkey’s left hand, duck down below the level of the racks, and run away.

This will also work outside of Target, and seeing as the monkeys are now about two bucks each, there’s no reason not to hand them to people right before you jump back out of the elevator, or off the bus.

You are welcome world. You are welcome.

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