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Oh dear me. I went out to pick up some mulch for the yard, but forgot my list, so I bought 200 pounds of grappa instead.  Then somehow the days flew by.  Enjoy these links from the last couple of weeks while I do something about this beard!

• This is indexr.  You just drop it into a directory on your Web server.  Whenever you drop anything else into that directory, it creates a nice link to that thing on a nice page.  If the thing you drop is an image, indexr also makes a thumbnail.  It’s pretty sweet.

• A gallery of the images used to indicate an anonymous poster on various sites.  Better than it sounds. (probably via MeFi).

• PCWorld article on what ink printer is the cheapest to run.  My suggestion is NEVER buy a printer that uses liquid ink, unless you have a professional requirement for it (By “professional” I don’t mean “you wear a tie to meetings.”  I mean “this piece of hardware makes you more money than it costs you.”)

• An excellent article on “The New Value of Text.”  The upshot here is the same as it has always been: Pouring shiny technology on things does not make them better things.  What we need is more better ideas, more better writing, more better thinking. There is not an app for that.

• This article is specifically about posters for scientific conferences, but most of it applies to poster design in general.  Also, it’s well-written and funny. Worth reading. (probably via MeFi).

• Do you remember a couple-few years ago, when goofy folks started talking about how you could get by with like, three hours of sleep a night and then a few short naps?  That wasn’t the first time that people have been gulled into the idea of polyphasic sleep (that means “a bunch of chunks of sleep instead of one or two big sleeps”).  Here is a great article by an actual scientist who actually knows how the brain works and studies sleep and memory. It does a great job of explaining what we know about sleep so far, how to make it work better for you, and why polyphasic sleep Just. Won’t. Work.

• Flux Machine is a tumblr of pleasingly creepy gifs.  You love them.  Admit it.

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