The Secret Links of Adrian Zmed (Aged 57)

Beefy beef is the best beef

• Here is the answer to one of the great questions of the world:  Do big cats like catnip?

• Happiness is simple: Acquire shelled nuts (I prefer low salt mixed), dump them in a container with a lid.  Fire on a goodly whack of smoke seasoning (available online here or here, or if you live near a Trader Joe’s, they sell grinders of South African Smoke Spice).  Put the lid on, and shake to mix.   Try not to eat them all at once, I dare you.

• Have you ever tried to build a greenhouse?  It’s a pain innit?  You’ve got to build the thing, keep it fairly clean, keep the bugs out and the warmth in, and replace all the glass if I remember you have one late on a Saturday night…
Or you could just warm the SOIL instead of a huge mass of AIR.  Which is what this clever fellow over here did. Now, he went completely tech with the idea–not only does he maintain a constant soil temperature, he also rigged up a lid that closes automatically when the air temperature goes below 41.5 F.  That’s pretty slick, but not completely necessary, if you have legs and hands. (via Hackaday)

• A bit late posting this, but if you are the sort of person who spends a lot of time on clever ways to game Search Engine Optimisation, you probably just wasted a lot of time on clever ways to game Search Engine Optimisation.  Not that you probably weren’t wasting your time anyway.

• Here are two great posts by JWZ:

1) Timing is everything, and this might not be the time. There is new fibre backbone between Japan and the UK.  It cost about 1.5 billion real dollars.  Of course, it was put in with public for the good of the whole world, right? HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Yeah. That’s TOTALLY what it’s for.

2) You have iPhone. You use iPhone for boarding pass.  You probably have a security problem.  There is a slick solution in the comments though.

• This is an  excellent piece on sensation inflation–the need to make a story more spectacular or personal than it already is, in order to get broader attention. (I can NOT remember how I found this, so I am being a jerk and not attributing that)

• The Daily Mash is sort of a British version of the Onion, only meaner.  They usually crack me up about five times a week.  I scared the cat with how loud I laughed at this article:  Diet industry and homeopaths to collaborate on biggest load of bollocks ever.

• Did you know that you can tell Google to block any site you want from your search results?  It’s true–they do a lot more than photograph people through their windows over there at the Googles!

• And finally, have you ever been called into work when you just weren’t dressed for it?  Happened to these guys. (via Metafilter)

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