Links for the Return of the Oystercatcher

Holy crap!  Did you see that? The entire Internet just went by!  (via BoingBoing)

I am interested in this hugelkultur gardening business for many reasons.  Where I live, it rains heavily, and then not at all for periods of time. We also have a lot of crap trees that have to be removed and then something needs to be done with them.  My yard has a really dumb slop to it at one end that makes it pretty much useless. I HATE watering stuff.  I hate having a lawn.  I like the idea of not stooping over to work on stuff. Yup.  This is an interesting idea.

You know when the cool Int4rneb kids make a funny using a cartoon face, but you don’t get it because you don’t know what the face means, so you are all like “Derp?”  Here is an article that explains to you what those faces mean, sort of. (via Boing Boing)

I have been thinking of trying out YWriter, because it sounds like a great idea.  Basically, it’s a word processor that allows you to move and rearrange chunks of text much more easily than most. And it’s free software.  It’s only made for Windows, which means I might have to actually start up a Windows machine though. Dunno if I have any of those that work. Say, I know–YOU should stry YWriter, and then tell me if it’s any good.  Yes.  I like that idea.

They don’t recycle glass bottles where I live (Where do I live? Apparently, I live in the 1980’s). And for some reason, they have outlawed the second most popular thing to do with glass bottles where I live (get drunk and throw them as high as you can).  Luckily, there are a lot of cool project-y things you can do with old bottles. You can make them into drinking glasses or storage vessels, light fixtures or art pieces.  But really, none of those things are as cool as this method for cutting glass bottles with string and fire and household chemicals.  (via Lifehacker)

I don’t normally care about Precision basses, but Oh Boy Is This One Cool!

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