Links for Richard Burton (not THAT Richard Burton)

No, THIS Richard BurtonHey–you look stressed. Maybe calm down. Breathe a while. Think of how much better your life is, thanks to the efforts of the Cat Scientists of the 60’s (via Boingboing).

I am really enjoying JWZ’s posts about the Annual Gathering of People Playing Those Goddamn Awful Short-Scale Fender Basses, which somehow ends up with the acronym “SXSE.”  It’s a funny old language, isn’t it?

If you take a lot of pictures of things close-up, or you would just like a consistent background (perhaps you sell stuff on Etsy, or you are just really proud of your awesome Gundam paint jobs), you might like this Instructable on how to make an overhead camera mount. The person who wrote the Instructable calls it a “Tripod,” but a tripod has three legs. That’s why it’s called a tripod.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of building all that, you might want to know that there’s a lot of old drum hardware out there with the same thread on the end as a camera mount.  And old drum hardware can be had cheaply–almost as cheaply as old drummers.  Cymbal stand. Bewm. Job done.

WHAT? It’s THAT easy to make caramel?  Oh no!  This means that I am probably going to die from caramel! (via Lifehacker)

The Turkish Football Association banned flares from football matches. This was a problem, because Turkish football fans really like bringing flares to matches.  This lead to what must be the most epic troll of the year. (via MetaFilter).  The link explaining Rage Faces from a previous post of mine might come in handy for some of you here.

This is quite an excellent piece on E.B. White and the problems with sponsorship in media. It’s on Brain Pickings, of which I am becoming a bigger fan by the day.


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