Jeanette Schmid’s Birthday Links

The problem with Facebook is that it makes me lazy.  I’m getting back on track…Little Squares Of Excellence

wtfqrcodes is extremely entertaining.  (via JWZ)

Here is an interesting piece about books and e-books and things related. It is worth reading. I always run up against the same issue whenever I read about “the evolution of books” that I run into when I read about the “evolution” of nearly anything:  The idea that there is a single endpoint–that things are all heading in one direction, towards one perfect solution, and all previous evolutions will be supplanted by it.

This is just silly.  Books–flat dead trees in a wrapper–are still the best format for certain things.  The fact that there are other formats doesn’t change that.  The very people who are creating these new formats for content state that reading a plain-old paper book is a completely experience from what they do.  And that experience has both unique benefits AND faults, not just faults.

There are still monkeys.

I have no explanation for this link with cats in it.  I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it is, but luckily, you can barely hear the vocals.

Pricenomics is trying to be a reference site for everything being sold online. The idea is that this will save you having to check eBay or Craigslist for the price of whatever you want to buy.  I didn’t find it much easier or quicker to use than doing that, but YMMV.

I wish I had seen this Instructable on how to strip and tin wires one-handed a long time ago.  It is brilliant.



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