Beware the Links of March

It has a very nice personality

According to this article, 51% of the traffic on the Internet is non-human. That must include whatever the hell comments on YouTube and news stories. (via /.)

Rightclearing is an organisation through which you can make your music available for licensing, or find music to use in your project, license it, and be on your way very quickly. This is a neat idea.  I haven’t read through the site completely yet, but I like the concept a lot.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking.  Is this some kind of sick joke?  This just gets better and better! (via Metafilter)

These little desktop speakers in mason jars are just incredibly cool.  Space for you to bitch about the sound quality for playing back mp3s from your phone is provided between these two lines:|| (via Howtogeek)

Man.  Is copyright ever broken.  Dude writes book, publishes it in 1937.  75 years later–and almost 30 years after the dude died–some jerks threaten legal action against a pub themed on that book. And they can get away with it.  Because copyright is broken.

Took me a while to get to this one, but it’s still worth noticing:  Some retailers have realised that being extremely annoying does not help sales, and have reduced the number of emails they send customers,  Note: This does not include The Gap.  We signed up one of my spam-only addresses to their list and get a desperately clingy amount of email from them.  Like, so much that you would swear you can smell wine coolers and clove cigarettes and hear Joni Mitchell when another message arrives.  I’d unsubscribe, but I’m afraid they’ll boil our rabbit or something. (via Consumerist)

Despite the fact that I seem to link to a lot of stories about how bad e-books are, I actually have nothing against them at all.  In fact, I think that they are a good idea for a lot of people.  Oh, by the way–here’s another article about what sucks about e-books right now

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