Long Live the Penmachine.


Derek Miller was the epitome of a good guy, and the world is poorer for his passing. We were not close friends, but I knew him for many years–briefly in person–mostly through unfailingly helpful, well-though-out and supportive replies to my rambling pleas for information.

This is the only time I can think of when anything to do with Derek has caused me bad feelings, and that’s not a fair way to do this.  You don’t have to have known Derek, or feel bad about his death, in order to appreciate him.  I highly recommend you read his excellent writing, as much of it as interests you, in the archives at the other end of this link.

Derek’s writing reflects the same clarity, wit, and grace that stood out when I met him.  He wrote like someone who truly loved life.  He loved to learn, and he loved to share what he knew with others when it was helpful to them.  He wrote meaningfully, but never stridently.  He was an excellent writer but more than that, he wasn an excellent person. We need more of those.

Long live the Penmachine.

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