First links of 2011!

Right then. A new year, a new commitment to the very best in links you didn’t know you couldn’t live without!

Did you resolve to start podcasting this year?  Because if you did, I would like to ask one of two favours of you. The first is:  Don’t.

But if I can’t talk you out of this, then my second favour is PLEASE DON’T SUCK AT IT.  And to that end, here is a pretty good starting-out kind of article about how to record simply on a computer with perfectly good software that does everything you need for basic recording, and doesn’t cost anything.

Now, I know you’re going to just roll your eyes and go buy something that says “ProTools”  on it (because “everyone uses Protools”), and that’s perfectly OK, because you’re only going to do about three podcasts before you run out of steam anyway.  I just thought I should mention this so that I could say “I told you so” later.

(What you just read was clever reverse psychology–I’m trying to get you all lathered up so that you do this well in order to teach me a lesson.  You’re welcome)

Of course, now that you are a big-time recording pro, you will need plug-ins to make noises and music and such.  And look–Brambos is giving away all their archived plug-ins and audio apps!  Some of these I know are good, because I used to use them, back when I was still using the Greasy Kid Stuff ( Oh yeah–pretty much all of these only work on Greasy Kid Stuff).

While you are getting your music geek on, why not build your own bad-ass fuzz (and I mean FUZZ) effect pedal?  Or even cooler, a tape delay out of old cassette decks?

Holy Moly does the Harbin Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival ever look bee-yoo-ti-ful!  From a distance.  Sitting somewhere warm.  Lovely.

I am thinking of making one of these groovy bi-directional rotating hypno-disks! If only there was some way I could convince myself to do it…

And finally, here is some old news story about Mods, but more important than whatever socio-economic fiff-faff they are babbling about, it contains some live footage of the Who in 1965, starting at about 2:30.  And for those of you wondering who this “Les Mods” is that they keep talking about, he was the original flautist in the Small Faces.

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