The conversation ends here.

“You’ll never guess what I found in my ear!”

“Well, it’s really more a of MUSIC COLLECTIVE than a band…”

“I’ve always been a songwriter.  I mean, I write lyrics.  I just need someone to write the music for them.”

“This tastes JUST LIKE [meat], but it’s made from [not meat]!”

“How do you know you don’t like Renn Faiirres if you haven’t been to one?”

“…but I mean, animals would kill US if they had the chance…”

“Oh!  I think he needs changing!  Would you like to hold him before I take him?”

“You know, a lot of people prefer Coke, but with a good Scotch, I prefer…”

“Did you see what the judges did on [reality show] this week?”

“Let me show you my new phone!”

“You know computers right?  Mine’s running real slow, even after I took the anti-virus off it…”

“People like you always…”

“I’ve always been a lot more sexual than most people…”

“Seriously, it tastes EXACTLY like chocolate!”

“I just started selling [XXXX]. Have you ever thought about [XXXX]?”

“There are over [huge number] people using [product]–do you really want to be left out?”

“My favourite light beer is…”

“It was awesome!  We were so [intoxicated] and we [did something that is only amusing when intoxicated]”

“I fixed this problem I had with my backswing…”

“How can you use [computer] when [thing I don’t care about involving computer]?”

“Bla bla bla Star Wars bla bla”

“Oh I know [famous person], we got high together a lot…”

“How can you eat that? It’s so bad for you!”

“Can you look at something? Every time I sit down…”

“I want to [do complicated thing] but I don’t want it to be complicated.”

“Let’s meet over breakfast–say, 7:30?”

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