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Hey!  Did you ever want to remove your personal information from a stink-ton of information brokers and distribution services and stuff?  Because this huge list might be useful for that kind of thing.

Jigazo is a cool idea!  It’s a jigsaw puzzle, but instead of putting it together to make a particular picture, you can put it together to create a picture.  I could explain that better, but why?  All you need to do is follow the link and it will all be clear. (via several sites a couple of months ago)

This is from a while ago as well, but awesome.  In the UK, they have an equivalent to the Do-Not Call list.  It’s illegal to phone spam people, and illegal to call with a recording, and a few other things that only dickheads do are also illegal.  But there are still people out there who will phone solicit illegally.  One such company started illegally calling a bunch of numbers which were owned by an ISP.  And they started calling those numbers a lot.  So to stop this, the fellow who runs the ISP set up 4 MILLION lines, all of which were not assigned to anyone, to play a clever recorded message if they were called.  The message is three minutes long, and it loops.

The idea was simply to keep the spamming weasels on the phone with recordings as much as possible.  That way, they make no sales, and thus no money, and go do something else, like lie in a puddle.  It seems to have worked, and here’s a page from his very entertaining blog in which he talks about this, and supplies a couple of recordings of the thing in action.

Do you like the audiobooks?  Do you like the free stuff?  Here’s a list that incorporates both of those terms! (via The Consumerist)

GAME TIME! (this will be old news for most casual gamers, but let’s see if we can wreck a few more lives) I freely admit that I am a complete sucker for Flash games.  Mostly tower defense kinds of things. I will waste hours on them. It got so bad that I have blocked the domain on my router.  That was the only way to stop.  But if you like the Flash games, and you have better impulse control than me (ie you are old enough to read this), Kongregate is a nicely-organised site.  NOTE:  I have not been there since GameStop bought Kongregate.  If there has been suckage, please let me know.

I highly recommend the whole series of Protector games.  They are sort of tower defence-ish, in that you set up your dudes around a path, and then bad guys come down the path, and your dudes attack the bad guys. Once you figure out how all the skills work, they are a great way to waste your life.   Or if you like things a bit more straight-forward, Desktop Tower Defence is the evergreen of excellence.

And finally, a very large site full of public domain images and clipart, mostly from old storybooks, with many arranged by artist.  This is just great.

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