Links, many

Now that I am blogging again, I get to start throwing out all the links I’ve stored up over the last year or so.

Some of the best music you will ever hear about a breakfast cereal -From WFMU

Any lame kid can have a toy that lets you build stuff, cool kids have a toy that lets you implode stuff.

Here.  Make a wallet out of paper.   Then point me at a link to something like it that will just hold cards.  I use a money clip for foldin’ money.  Because I am cool.

This is a site about Japanese whiskey.  And that is as cool as it gets.

This, on the other hand, is how to make an alcohol stove out of a beer can and a penny. And that gets pretty hot.

How-to Geek has nice simple instructions on how to send text messages to phones via email, along with lists of gateways and links to more.

If you are a certain kind of nerd, you might find this post on the etymology of video game names pretty darn interesting.  If, on the other hand, you are the sort of person who said “WTF etymology?”  here is a character page about Ham, the Weather Wizard.

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