Links, continued

As I mentioned before, Bloglines (the online RSS aggregator site I used for years) is shutting down.

Standard netdud behaviour (Do as I say, not as I do!) led me to have about 450 saved links in Bloglines, and I am trying to get as many out of there as I can before the whole shebang gets lost.  I will admit that I am looking forward to having a lot of these links just go away, so I won’t have to decide whether they are interesting.  I will attempt to post the most useful and most useless in this blog from time to time.

Some of these might be old, but it is amazing just how much information wasn’t created in the last 48 hours, eh?

Who better to explain the brain than John Cleese? (YouTube)

– Looking for just the wrong image to reflect your company or interest group?  Search no more.  It’s tough to pick a winner, but at least it gave me an idea for my Hallowe’en costume.

– While I am putting that together, please buy me this  awesome table that turns into a cool fort!

– I will hide in there and eat all the tasty yoghurt I just made.

– And before you go, don’t forget to tie your shoes!

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