Facebook’s Informal Survey

Well, they asked..

“Why did you provide the answer you did regarding your satisfaction with your Facebook experience?”

I used to like Facebook for the simplicity and the control I had over the entire experience. It was better suited for informal non-realtime communication than LiveJournal, not an annoying Flashball of advertising chokeage like MySpace, offered more depth and was less self-interested and idiotic than Twitter, and allowed me to be selective.  That was a great idea, and I really liked it–in fact, FB was the only “social networking” tool that I DID like for what it was.

And then it just kept changing.

Now, like most people, the overwhelming reason that I use FB is because I know so many people on it.  I’m on it a lot, but it’s been quite a while since it went from something I liked to use to something I just use.  There are a lot of technologies, sites and apps that I adopt early and stay with late, in its earlier form, FB was one of them, and isn’t now.

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