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The baked beans are off.

A while back, there were some big takedowns of a couple very large spam sources, which caused an enormous drop in the amount of spam worldwide. It appears that other parties have recently picked up the slack. There has been a marked increase in the amount of email spam firing around over the last week…

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Cop talk is a gateway drug

  This  article, which was found by a link from an site with no other known connections to the article, is thought to be quite illustrative of a counter-productive tendency within a certain community. Speaking for myself, I would venture to assert that it was indeed exposure to this form of writing and speaking style…

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You say dumb, I say unicorn.

  This whole long post grew out of this short Cringely article about how Microsoft is dumbing down Windows. Cringely figures that this is being done so that Windows8 will run on Mobile devices. Now Cringely can sometimes be right out to lunch about stuff, but I think the point he is making here should be…

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