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It’s freezing in here.

Thanks to Equifax’s data incontinence and the flaming clown-car of death site they slapped together purely for optics, it’s a good idea for anyone subject to American credit reporting agencies to “freeze” your credit reports.  You can read more details on the whys and hows here. We froze our credit reports from all three big…

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Automatically broken

ATTN: People who make video softwareses! I know you all read my posts, so I thought I would mention this here.I know it makes you feel cool to just use the names of Chip Jewelry for output settings, but some of us actually want to know what those settings mean. Seeing as you require me…

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Keep those flowers bloomin’

  She (on phone): That was nice netdud: What was? She: The way you drew a heart in the air as I was leaving. netdud: Oh!  No–I was trying to tell you to pick me up a pretzel while you’re at Whole Foods. She: …. netdud: Thannnnks. Love yaaaa…..