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You need to get out more

Here’s a fun party behavior: Pronounce or explain something in a way that is totally wrong in a barely-plausible way. (EG: Hagrid’s half-Sasquatch lineage IS CANON; If we’re going to go back to calling things by their original names, everything named “Washington” should be called “Hertburn;” Your aunt’s friend lost 45 lbs. in a month…

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The Upside

Yeah yeah, “search is awful.”  I say it every day, so often that I bore myself–and I think every word I say is FASCINATING, so I can imagine how it must be for people who aren’t, you know, on my level.. This park has both swings and roundabouts though. First of all, most people never…

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Origin story

A friend on the social medias asked about the origin of the Penguin character.  I’m not absolutely sure if this is completely correct, but the wonderful thing about comic characters now is that there are so many story streams and reboots, and delivered in so many forms, that accuracy kind of doesn’t matter. Besides, no…

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