Author: netdud

It’s still early though

So far, finding out that the person who put our bathroom sink together knew less about plumbing than I do while lying on my back under a sink trying to track toothpaste spit-water and weird black goop back from where it came from is the LEAST SATISFYING way I have found to feel smarter than…

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You need to get out more

Here’s a fun party behavior: Pronounce or explain something in a way that is totally wrong in a barely-plausible way. (EG: Hagrid’s half-Sasquatch lineage IS CANON; If we’re going to go back to calling things by their original names, everything named “Washington” should be called “Hertburn;” Your aunt’s friend lost 45 lbs. in a month…

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It’s freezing in here.

Thanks to Equifax’s data incontinence and the flaming clown-car of death site they slapped together purely for optics, it’s a good idea for anyone subject to American credit reporting agencies to “freeze” your credit reports.  You can read more details on the whys and hows here. We froze our credit reports from all three big…

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